Tucano Coffee

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Calea Dorobanților 18, Victoriei, București

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De ani buni suntem impresionați de cultura bogată a amerindienilor, captivați de caracterul neobișnuit, colorat și bogat al acestei culturi, caracterizată în special de traiul în armonie cu natura.
Ulterior, călătorind prin lume, am găsit în fiecare țară câte o cafenea micuță, care ne atrăgea prin ambianța sa deosebită. Aceste cafenele aveau ceva în comun, pe lângă aromele îmbietoare de cafea ne ademeneau atât căldura și bunăvoința vizitatorilor, care-și savurau cafeaua și discutau fără grabă, cât și senzația de dragoste, liniște și libertate.

Toate aceste experiențe au servit drept factori decisivi în crearea conceptului coffee shop-lor Tucano Coffee, axat pe design etno, atmosferă și cultura țărilor producătoare de cafea.

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Ana Dragomir
26 septembrie 2018 09:37

Love this place. It has a nice atmosphere of intimacy and it's super comfortable. The coffee it s good. The people are nice. And the prices are justified
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Inglourious 81
3 septembrie 2018 09:11

This place has pretty good beverages, especially coffee and shakes. What I like best about Tucano is that they give you the option to build your own shake, so you can choose what fruits go in there and all that. Also, for those interested in food, Tucano has good cakes, the best one, in my opinion, being the Oreo cheese cake. The atmosphere is genuinely chill and friendly and they have table games ( Jenga, Chess, Activity ) !!!!! All in all a nice place to spend some relaxing time.
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Cristian Andrei Smarandoiu
23 septembrie 2018 18:35

Great cheesecake and good coffee. You can even play boardgames or read a book. I loved it for its chill atmosphere and colorful environment.
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Mr M
14 octombrie 2018 11:01

Great interior design, clean, relaxing, zen-like happy place. Super tasty unique coffee such as the one with lavender. Very good cakes! If Kurtz from the Heart of Darkness novel was alive today, I imagine this would be his chillout zone.
After my second visit I have to change my review because of the customer service I got. If you get my order wrong and the first thing you say to me when you come back is "I hope you don't get angry at me but the next time you order something by the likes of salty.... to tell us exactly what you want because when we hear salty we think about the product that was on the old menu, not the new one... ". First off do you think the client cares about the technical details? No, the first thing a client wants to hear is an apology. That's also the last thing he'd like to remember after an interaction with the service representative. Don't make the client feel like he pronounced the name incorrectly and that's the reason you guys made a mistake. Would you blame it on the customer if he was a foreigner who spoke English? I don't know who to blame here because the waiter wasn't the one who took my order. If you are to send a message to the customer using the waiter as the messenger then make sure he uses the proper words to address the issue, though in this case, one cannot possibly see an issue but merely a free form of insult towards the customer. Honestly I have no reason to return here. If I want such an expensive coffee, I can go to the other Tucano by the AFI Park where staff are at least used to scenarios with foreigners, accents and pronunciation differences.
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Rebeca Stanca
11 august 2018 11:57

Great variety of high-quality products that changes according to season, served in a lovely and cozy location.

I am especially fond of their lemonades and cheesecakes, so much so that I haven't really dug into their coffee menu yet. Definitely worth a few visits each year, for their seasonal content.
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