Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta 35, Cișmigiu, București
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Tormen nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Deschis zilnic, localul vă aşteaptă să savuraţi o delicioasă pizza Milaneză sau Bulevard, alături de un pahar de bere rece.

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Timmi Lee
18 iulie 2019 21:55

This place serves good quality local food. Imagine you’re having your grandma making your local favourite. The place has a charm to it, but don’t expect a 3 star Michelin star waitress to come up to you. It will be a local nice person who really loves what he is doing. Absolutely an experience that I would recommend. There is quite few tables so be sure to get there at a good time.
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Byron Jaye
14 iulie 2019 17:45

Authentic local food. 37 RON for 2 beers, main and dessert. Owner helped me through the menu and spoke good English.
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Guy Taylor
19 aprilie 2019 11:48

Cool place. Sank plenty of Skol (beer) and had the steak & chips. Very nice vibe with plenty of locals enjoying themselves. What a time capsule too with old Singapore Airlines adverts on the wall. Just the vibe we were looking for. Cool place to stumble upon - would recommend.
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Katarzyna Kolarz-Palka
16 martie 2019 17:23

Food and service superb! If you look for a traditional Romanian cuisine with nice price then this is the place. Expect to feel like at grandma's.
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Jean Popescu
2 decembrie 2018 15:31

Time capsule of an old Romanian society. Far away from fancy places. It’s part of a true food Romanian experience. Imagine you just came from a 10-hour shift at the factory and wish to eat something. This is it. Big portions. Cheap prices.
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