Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta 35, Cișmigiu, București
Tormen nu acceptă rezervări online prin

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Tormen nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Deschis zilnic, localul vă aşteaptă să savuraţi o delicioasă pizza Milaneză sau Bulevard, alături de un pahar de bere rece.

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14 iulie 2019 17:45

Authentic local food. 37 RON for 2 beers, main and dessert. Owner helped me through the menu and spoke good English.
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19 aprilie 2019 11:48

Cool place. Sank plenty of Skol (beer) and had the steak & chips. Very nice vibe with plenty of locals enjoying themselves. What a time capsule too with old Singapore Airlines adverts on the wall. Just the vibe we were looking for. Cool place to stumble upon - would recommend.
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26 mai 2018 21:05

We ordered the cabbage rolls with polenta (14 lei), ragout beans and pork (21 lei), two small kebabs (3 lei each).
The cabbage rolls were both our favorite. All the meat in our dishes was moist. I agree with other comments, the food wasn't amazing, but it was good and gave you an idea of what a traditional Romanian dish is like. We ordered our food with an older woman up front. And I saw two older women in the back, so I imagine this is as close to homemade Romanian food as it gets. The price is amazing, especially compared to what you will pay in nearby Old Town.
It's also true that the interior needs a major update. However, everything was really clean and that's super important to us. It's great for take away and it took maybe 15 minutes for everything from order time to take away.
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21 septembrie 2018 14:08

It's your friendly neighbourhood home-cooked comfort food little restaurants. Had a delicious traditional meatball soup there. They dont accept card tho
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18 iulie 2019 21:55

This place serves good quality local food. Imagine you’re having your grandma making your local favourite. The place has a charm to it, but don’t expect a 3 star Michelin star waitress to come up to you. It will be a local nice person who really loves what he is doing. Absolutely an experience that I would recommend. There is quite few tables so be sure to get there at a good time.
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