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Sfinții Voievozi 60, Victoriei, București
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Therapy Bistro este un spațiu dedicat celor care caută o experiență contemporantă, autentică și locală. Kids & family friendly, bistro-ul din mijlocul Bucureștiului vorbește cu publicul care vrea să-și petreacă timpul liber într-un loc sincer, dezbrăcat de tendințe.

Deschis în septembrie 2015, într-o casă boierească din centrul Capitalei, pe Sfinții Voievozi 60, este un spațiu luminos și primitor, însuflețit de aproape 200 de plante. Barul din stejar, table imense pe care se poate desena, o bibliotecă în formare și mesele lungi creează atmosfera specială din Therapy.

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Luni - Vineri
10:00 - 23:45
Sâmbătă - Duminică
11:00 - 23:45


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K Kati
1 decembrie 2018 15:13 Rezervat în data de 1 decembrie 2018 prin

Cozy, good service, great food. Perfect place to celebrate the 1st of December!

Veronica Panita
24 ianuarie 2019 07:00

Quiet, relaxing and comfy place to enjoy a coffee. The menu is varied, the service is nice. The atmosphere is relaxing and cozy, though it can be quite coldish during the winter. A very urban-like cafe. Iqos is allowed. No card payment accepted.
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Oana Calcan
5 octombrie 2018 10:10

Quitet and relaxing place. Includes outdoor sitting away from the city noise. Good selection of food and drinks (vegetarian dishes, wines, beers, cocktails, natural juices). The food was very tasty. Polite staff. I will definitely come back.
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Magda Neagu
18 octombrie 2018 10:35

Good intentions, bad execution.

The ambiance is great, the special menu for the pumpkin season was a nice addition, but the service was terrible.

- they brought the wrong drink for the only child at the table
- they completely forgot one of the daily menus on order and we had to ask for it repeatedly
- they ran out of carrot soup, but only told us when they brought the 6 others. so 2 people watched the other 6 eat their soup, and had to wait for a replacement.
- two of the waiters kept recommending dishes with ricotta or mozzarella in them for vegan customers.
- when they finally brought the additional 2 soups they dropped the toast on the floor, so they came back with a replacement in a napkin, because a plate would have been too much.
- they did not clear the table before bringing out the next course, so we are left sitting with our second course plates in our hands while the waiters looked around for a solution - such as clearing the table.

All in all I would not come back. Plenty of other good restaurants in the city.
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Alberth Dumitrescu
20 decembrie 2018 22:12

Very good food, friendly staff, nice place.
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Jonathan Schwarze
29 octombrie 2018 14:12

Really delicious food! Highly recommend this place.
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