Oktoberfest Pub

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Franceză 3, Centrul vechi, București

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De la 10 a.m. la 7 a.m., 500 de locuri pe 3 niveluri, 12 televizoare, rock, oldies, blues, asezonate cu mici și cârnăciori de bere.

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Ana Alexandrescu
2 februarie 2019 18:31

It's nice , the waiters are sometimes moody so it might be a while until they come to take your order, and your beer might have something in it like water or wine. (I got a beer that had the taste of a bad wine but the color was the one of a normal beer?
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Florentina Maria
5 ianuarie 2019 17:10

I am literally in love with Oktoberfest. A lot of beer and good food, fast and friendly services and good prices. You should try it
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Niator Catalin
5 martie 2019 16:29

Great beverages, house made beer. Improvements are recommended in the food area.
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Tiberiu Anghelina
15 februarie 2019 08:21

If you like bear and sausages and nothing fancy, Oktoberfest is for you. Very friendly staff, good atmosphere.
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Tenshiro Nova
25 februarie 2019 19:59

If you're not here with the appropriate people then it can be as bad as just another hole-in-the-wall pub. When you're in the right company, however... 4 stars 😁
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