Oktoberfest Pub

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Franceză 3, Centrul Vechi, București

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De la 10 a.m. la 7 a.m., 500 de locuri pe 3 niveluri, 12 televizoare, rock, oldies, blues, asezonate cu mici și cârnăciori de bere.

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Laurentiu Ganta
2 august 2018 22:40

Great place to have a beer or eat something. Low prices, okay service and mediocre mood. All in all, quality/cost rate is pretty good.
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Monica Teodorescu
26 ianuarie 2018 12:48

As it stands, Oktoberfest is one of those places in Old Town where you can go out with friends, have a good beer - or more - and leave satisfied. There is a certain charm to it, as the soft roar of all the voices gathered inside and outside - when the weather agrees to it - make the place very animated and alive. You’ll find a very young and friendly staff here, always ready to serve you whatever you may want, with very few mix-ups or forgotten orders. It does not look like an expensive place and it is not. Prices are well within what you’d find reasonable and the quality of what is on offer makes this place worth it especially if you’re on a budget. It’s still a bit too crowded for my taste - there’s barely any space to move when the place is packed - and it tends to attract the wrong crowd sometimes but, as uncomplicated as it is, it’s good to come back to at times, due to its charm.
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Alexandru Popa
1 august 2018 09:55

good beer. good food. excellent service. highly recommend.
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Stefan Furtuna
3 august 2018 11:23

Great value for money pub in Bucharest Old Center! Always a pleasure to hang out with my friends and colleagues at Oktoberfest Pub.
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Maria Dora Pavel
10 august 2018 12:01

Craft beer and also a selection of imported lager, ale and cider. The minced meat rolls (mititei) are the best in town (my opinion) and the Sibiu smoked spicy sausage is simply delicious (another personal fav).
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