Oktoberfest Pub

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Franceză 3, Centrul vechi, București

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De la 10 a.m. la 7 a.m., 500 de locuri pe 3 niveluri, 12 televizoare, rock, oldies, blues, asezonate cu mici și cârnăciori de bere.

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Flavia Dobrescu
3 ianuarie 2019 20:27

Average to poor atmoshere. But it is a large place and you can find a table over there most of the time so you sometimes end up there.
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Laurentiu Ganta
2 august 2018 22:40

Great place to have a beer or eat something. Low prices, okay service and mediocre mood. All in all, quality/cost rate is pretty good.
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Julia Andrei
20 decembrie 2018 17:39

Great food and drink at a low price, ok staff and big location, but usually really busy
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Iulian Colesnicenco
16 septembrie 2018 02:00

The music is great, food is event better, huge place with a lot of room both indoors and outdoors, good service and excellent pricing. Definitely would recommend!
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Sultan Alush
3 decembrie 2018 03:27

you can get 1 meter of beer (approx 4 Liters) of Tuborg for 64 lei. good value.
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