Oktoberfest Pub

Franceză 3, Centrul Vechi, București

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Acest local nu acceptă rezervări

Oktoberfest Pub nu acceptă rezervări

De la 10 a.m. la 7 a.m., 500 de locuri pe 3 niveluri, 12 televizoare, rock, oldies, blues, asezonate cu mici și cârnăciori de bere.

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Daniel Wilkins
18 iulie 2017 19:19

Good beer, it also had the cheapest 0.5l but I didn't like it. Friendly staff. Good out door covered seating area.
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Alexandru Ene
11 iunie 2017 18:49

One of the most popular places to just drink beer and talk with friends. Also one of the cheapest in the area. Woden tables, alternative music, good for watching sports as well. Also has a terrace.
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Alexandru D
20 iunie 2017 08:38

Cheap am good beer. Tasty "mici". Hard to find a place in the evening
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Birău Cătălin
24 aprilie 2017 00:15

Great atmosphere, I've been here during El clasico Barcelona-Real Madrid, the crowd was fun, cheerful, the service was good. The special bear of the place is tasty and cheap. Recommend it.
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Claudia Dinu
7 iulie 2017 11:51

It is quite ok but not my cup of tea. Always crowded and a bit noisy. I think that the main attraction there are the waitresses...and they also have a selection of beers.
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