Oktoberfest Pub

Franceză 3, Centrul Vechi, București

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De la 10 a.m. la 7 a.m., 500 de locuri pe 3 niveluri, 12 televizoare, rock, oldies, blues, asezonate cu mici și cârnăciori de bere.

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Aquel Aquel
4 ianuarie 2018 16:24

good value. pretty place. they have their own beer brand which is pretty good. you must try their finger food. It's usually crowded, during the summer they have many 8 persons tables outside and it's great way to enjoy the city center in a budget friendly place.
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10 decembrie 2017 03:34

Good food, good beer.... the service was not so good. Slow and they do not pay attention to the customers. I wanted to order more and the lady was just looking at her phone.... I've been waiting for her to notice new for 10 minutes. Luckily there was Elena on duty, she is really a smart girl!
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Angela M
4 noiembrie 2017 12:56

Sat at a table and nobody came to help us. Went to the bar and they wouldn't serve us drinks. They said it was table service only. Sat back at the table and waited but again nobody came. Approached a waitress who was standing there and asked if we could order. She said no. Went back to the table confused. Eventually found someone who would take our drink order. Had one drink and couldn't be bothered waiting that long again so just paid and left. Cheap beer. Terrible service.
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Barsasteanu Alin
16 ianuarie 2018 15:17

A casual place, nice for a chill night out with friends, sometimes crowded but usually a nice crowd
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Dan Nicola
8 ianuarie 2018 21:39

Really enjoyable place to go, -1 star only because i would've liked a menu wuth more food choices
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