Newton Cocktail Bar

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Jean Louis Calderon 56, Universitate, București
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Newton Bar este barul cunoscut din centrul Bucurestiului, inca din anul 2000, locul in care cele mai memorabile evenimente se petrec, reprezentand o prezenta constanta in viata de noapte a orasului printr-o abordare avangardista a design-ului si a produselor exclusiviste oferite. Construit pe doua nivele, poate sustine toate tipurile de petreceri, gazduind in acelasi timp atat iubitori ai diversitatii de bauturi,cafelei cat si grupuri de prieteni care doresc sa petreaca intr-un mediu privat marcat de o atmosfera unica.

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Luni - Vineri
10:00 - 22:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică
10:00 - 06:00


Păreri despre "Newton Cocktail Bar"

C Costin
8 mai 2019 09:06 Rezervat în data de 7 mai 2019 prin

Cel mai bun loc d cocktailuri din oraș cu peste 500 de variante.

Dasjania D.
5 mai 2019 11:47

This is one of my favorite hidden gems of Bucharest. It's an unassuming place tucked away from the busy boulevard, with a pretty straightforward mission: make whatever cocktail your heart desires and make it well.

The decor isn't that good, but the large menu of drinks makes up for it. They don't skimp on alcohol either.

Only reason I deducted a star from the review is that the level of service is inconsistent. The staff is most of the time not very good at recommending things and, with a menu of 700+ drinks, that can leave inxperienced people very overwhelmed. If they shape up on that, I'd be happy to give 5 stars.
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Emil Dragomirescu
15 martie 2019 23:35

It is one of the best places for cocktails in town! These are no ordinary drinks, they are carefully executed and well balanced drinks, that will make you live alcohol even more :) Why spend extra money on a drink that doesn't even taste good? This is the place where you can get a great drink for a great price. Plus the bartenders are great guys and the place is cozy!!
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Mihai Chirilov
16 februarie 2019 10:30

Cool, laid back bar in my neighborhood. I come here on a regular basis. Amazing variety of cocktails. Good prices, top quality. Much much better than all posh and pricey bars in town. Super friendly and knowledgeable bartenders. Plus happy hour on thursday all day long. Bravo!
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29 aprilie 2019 01:15

It is situated on a rather silent street so it pops up. When you first come here you might not expect much but once you step in you will be welcomed by amazing drinks and super comfy chairs and couches.
It also has a secret staircase which leads to an underground place where you can party.
The bathrooms are clean and the staff is very well trained in customer service.
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Criss Foxy
21 mai 2019 16:24

Great personal, expecienced bartenders, excellent drinks and lots and lots of cocktails!!!
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