La Kostas Taverna

Traian 238, Mihai Bravu - Mătăsari, București

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Restaurant traditional grecesc, La Kostas este localul în care delicioasele mâncăruri, dansurile, atmosfera veselă și ospitalitatea se adună sub același acoperiș.

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A Andrei
6 martie 2017 00:05 Rezervat în data de 4 martie 2017 prin

Portiile sunt foarte mici in raport cu pretul cerut. Multe momente cand muzica era foarte tare.

Rares Bratucu
11 ianuarie 2018 23:44

The place looks great, the food is okish but the services are not that good. We’ve been waiting for a long loong time for our food. I ordered some fried calamari, they were really great, but the other dishes with fish, as seen in the photos, were not fresh and not the kind of fish you would like to enjoy in a greek taverna, which by the way is quite expensive!
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Cristian Irimia
12 ianuarie 2018 20:14

Good food, good music (greek traditional most of the time), good service... try the seafood ;)
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Cosmin Zelinschi
27 decembrie 2017 14:29

Horrible food. Waiting too long, about one hour. I order squid rings, 200 grams, and i have 4 rings, the rest calamar tails. Terrible experience
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Mircea Burdusa
3 februarie 2018 13:25

Good food, good service.
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Cornel Osman
11 martie 2017 14:20

Very good and authentic Greek food. Fair prices. Portions of medium quantity but enough for normal eating. Nice service. I recommend it for occasional not for daily eating. Excepțional olive jam. Secret: The owner personally brings ingredients from Greece.
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