La Kostas Taverna

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Traian 238, Mihai Bravu - Mătăsari, București

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Restaurant traditional grecesc, La Kostas este localul în care delicioasele mâncăruri, dansurile, atmosfera veselă și ospitalitatea se adună sub același acoperiș.

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A Andrei
6 martie 2017 00:05 Rezervat în data de 4 martie 2017 prin

Portiile sunt foarte mici in raport cu pretul cerut. Multe momente cand muzica era foarte tare.

Adela Vinereanu
21 mai 2018 10:00

The location is comfortable and very simple, which can be nice as you feel like you are in somebody's dining room and yard :)
The food is good, but nothing to remember or to die to come back to. We ate a lot of seafood and some fish appetizers which were mainstream, but our friends who chose meat dishes were quite unhappy with their choice.
The service is what ruines everything. The staff is very slow, not at all eager to make you feel well and from time to time they were also acting quite rude. The usual Romanian issues related to which of them is assigned to a particular table and the others won't bring you anything cause it's not their table.
Quite a pity.... The location could have been nice to come back for an easy lunch or some other not formal occasion, but the service ruined this option.
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Andreas Varticus Costache
12 mai 2018 14:07

Amazing food! Try Vinho Verde, white wine from Portugal, goes really well with seafood!
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dascalu madalina
5 mai 2018 17:08

Good food, nice place to sit and relax.the serving a little slow...
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Fabiana Papastefani
4 martie 2018 00:43

I loved the food. The service was also quite good. The music a bit too loud but overall quite good 😍
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Miha L-A
4 martie 2018 22:53

Great greek cousine, live music and a wonderful atmosphere!
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