La Kostas Taverna

4,4 / 14 voturi
Traian 238, Foișorul de Foc, București

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Restaurant traditional grecesc, La Kostas este localul în care delicioasele mâncăruri, dansurile, atmosfera veselă și ospitalitatea se adună sub același acoperiș.

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A Andrei
6 martie 2017 00:05 Rezervat în data de 4 martie 2017 prin

Portiile sunt foarte mici in raport cu pretul cerut. Multe momente cand muzica era foarte tare.

23 iunie 2019 11:42

At that pretty busy time when we went there, waiting for the main course took forever.
Over the years, we went to Kostas a number of times, and now it appeared somewhat changed from previous visits, a bit struggling, a few popular items off the menu list thus putting off some hard to please patrons' whims, my own salmon steak dismally small and way overdone.
3 stars now, down from 4 1/2 or so.
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Elena Dobre
5 aprilie 2019 13:09

Very good octopus, calamari and shrimps. Generally fresh sea food and delicious traditional Greek dishes.
Decoration looks good but very appealing is the fish tank at the entrance.
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Hassan 3aMMo
19 mai 2019 21:58

Very good and tasty.... the shrimps octopus calamari everything was so good
The olive oil here is something special ..
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Ioana Tatu
7 iunie 2019 21:56

Delicious. A definetly yes. Fish, meat, sea food: is the place where everyone can eat
Great service as well.
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Adam Patyra
13 martie 2019 22:33

Went here just by accident. The food was simply delicious, the decor pretty and the service very pleasant. 5/5
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