Infusion Coffee&Bistro

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Strada Ion Ghica 2, Centrul vechi, București

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Un bistro chic si plin de culoare situat in inima Bucurestiului, perfect pentru mic dejun, pranz, cina sau doar o cafea buna.
Fie ca vii pentru o intalnire de afaceri sau ca sa te destinzi impreuna cu prietenii ori familia, staff-ul nostru prietenos te va primi intr-o atmosfera relaxata si calda.

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Alexandru Baltos
3 octombrie 2018 19:31

Good food and great staff. Nice place
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Andrei Demeny
4 iunie 2018 13:23

A great choice if you're interested in watching sports as there are several modern (LED) big TVs all over the place (the big one is 150cm wide by my estimation). The menu is varied (both drinks and food), friendly staff, working AC.

The tables are quite small and not very stable (to the point it's annoying to have anything other than a drink on the table).

Highly recommended especially for sports fans looking for that pub atmosphere.
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Razvan Banica
8 septembrie 2018 22:09

A good place to watch a game.
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Madalina Pilsu
19 februarie 2018 10:34

Very good location. Nice place to drink beer and eat a burger
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Liviu Rotaru
5 martie 2018 10:02

The meat in burgers is well done . I like it that way, but make sure you let them know if you want it rare.
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