Infusion Coffee&Bistro

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Strada Ion Ghica 2, Centrul vechi, București

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Un bistro chic si plin de culoare situat in inima Bucurestiului, perfect pentru mic dejun, pranz, cina sau doar o cafea buna.
Fie ca vii pentru o intalnire de afaceri sau ca sa te destinzi impreuna cu prietenii ori familia, staff-ul nostru prietenos te va primi intr-o atmosfera relaxata si calda.

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Loredana Carmen
28 decembrie 2018 21:27

I was nicely surprised by this place. I was expecting a sports bar with no taste. it's actually very warming and the service and food are great. I liked that they have the sports bar downstairs and at the ground level looks more like a bistro. will definitely come back!
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Jordi Brinquez
17 decembrie 2018 23:42

It was a private party, so I can't say if it was due to the place or the requester, but service was nothing more than regular and food mediocre.

Burgers with "plastic cheese", toasts that were not toasted, tasteless cheese cake, etc.

I'm sorry but el be difficult to try to find an excuse to visit it again...
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Bogdan-Marian Ghiță
13 ianuarie 2019 13:35

A sports bar with a lot of screens to watch football. The food selection is ok but the drinks selection could be improved. Nice atmosphere when a football match, although in other circumstances a mediocre pub.
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Paul Ghinea
4 ianuarie 2019 00:51

They have some issue with the sound and the tv transmission. Probably just a unfortunate event. Hopefully they'll improve. Otherwise good service and atmosphere.
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Estera Jeledintan
9 ianuarie 2019 14:46

Good food but the prices are pretty high
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