Dimitrie Racoviță 37, Moșilor, București

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Situat intr-un loc discret si intim, cu o atmosfera calda si relaxanta, Bistro GUXT va propune un meniu gatit cu pasiune si competenta, cateva dintre cele mai bune beri, whiskyuri, romuri si coniacuri din lume, ca si o interesanta selectie de vinuri romanesti.

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B Beatrice
16 septembrie 2017 10:04 Rezervat în data de 15 septembrie 2017 prin

Guxt este un bistro care m-a facut sa regret ca nu i-am trecut pragul mai devreme. Mancarea a fost delicioasa (tonul a fost gatit perfect). A fost surprinzatoare combinatia dintre ceea ce am mancat si diferitele feluri de bere recomandate de oamenii locului. Nu m-am gandit niciodata ca voi bea bere la desert si ca experienta aceasta se va dovedi a fi de nota 10.

Oleg Maksimov
9 februarie 2018 23:52

Very special place. Food there is cooked by two sisters, one is responsible for starters and main courses while younger of two prepares deserts. Starters and main dishes can be described as delicately and methodically prepared in order get the very most of given ingredients. And deserts are genuinely a unique combination of very different flavors that mix together perfectly. This restaurant is the best one I've visited in Romania by far.
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Mavrodin Bogdan
1 octombrie 2017 02:08

Excellent and special food. The location is quiet, easy to reach. The lady who served us and the gentleman (possibly the owner) who recommended us the wine were very polite. The interior of the building is very nice. They also have a wide variety of wines and non-commercial beers for which you can get advices on how to combine them with food.
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Bogdan Dumitrescu
15 februarie 2018 06:10

Secluded small bistro offering good fusion food in a cosy atmosphere; downtown location in an old villa; great service; easy public parking; free wi-fi; light music; no outdoor seating; no smoking;

After they changed ownership, it’s still a great place to come, even on Valentine’s Day;
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Jason Kinner
15 iunie 2017 20:37

The owner himself personally greeted us and helped us decide on our meals. He was unbelievably friendly and so helpful in picking out local beers and some of the best foods he had to offer. The prices were extremely reasonable and the atmosphere was very relaxed; we didn't feel like we had to dress up. The local beers are excellent and the food was absolutely delicious. We tried several appetizers and main dishes and were not at all disappointed. An amazing experience overall. I would recommend this place to all visitors to Bucharest! We could not have felt more welcomed and cared for.
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Ileana Racoviceanu
31 august 2017 08:19

Good food, good wine, nice company! The owner knows a lot of things about cooking and likes to share them with the customers. Will go back for sure. Too bad going to close it due to unfriendly local policies!
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