Green Hours

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Preț Accesibil
Calea Victoriei 120, Piața Romană, București

Green Hours

4,5 / 16 voturi
Preț Accesibil
Calea Victoriei 120, Piața Romană, București
Green Hours nu acceptă rezervări online prin

S-a intamplat si se intampla la Green Hours 22 jazz-cafe, unul dintre cele mai cunoscute cluburi de jazz bucurestene, infiintat in 1994 si situat in plin centrul capitalei, in vecinatatea mai mult decat selecta a Grupului pentru Dialog Social, a Revistei 22 si a Librariei Humanitas. Pastrandu-si totusi, mai degraba, un regim underground – Green Hours organizeaza regulat, saptamanal, seri de jazz si teatru – si ocazional seri de blues, muzica alternativa si clasica, sau alte evenimente de asa zisa sorginte artistica si culturala. Serile de jazz, blues, sau de muzica electrica si alternativa reunesc nume reprezentative, ca: Johnny Raducanu, Harry Tavitian, A.G. Weinberger, Lucian Ban, Ada Milea, Mircea Tiberian, Pedro Negrescu, iORDACHE, Marius Popp, Cristian Soleanu, Ion Baciu jr, Vlaicu Golcea, Electric Brother, Raul Kusak, Sorin Romanescu, Marta Hristea, Teodora Enache, cat si nume sonore din jazz-ul mondial: Jurg Solothurnmann (Elvetia), Ferdi Schukking (Olanda), Astillero (Mexic), Harold Rubin Quartet (Israel), precum si nume deja cunoscute de trupe si muzicieni din generatia tanara: Jazz Unit, Urma, Aievea, Kumm (Cluj), Slang, Blazzaj (Timisoara), East Village, Arthur Balogh, Maria Raducanu, etc.

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4,5 / 16 voturi
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15 august 2023 19:20

Great cozy jazz bar / restaurant , just in the center of Bucharest. Great shows , good service and tasty comfort food. Very big portions. Very neat prices.
Highly recommended for a great jazz dinner.
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1 august 2023 12:22

A quiet, relaxing place in the middle of the city. Outdoor and indoor sitting, but definitely recommend the terrace experience. The interior is very common, nothing special to offer. They have all kind of events through the year but the outdoor concerts are especially pleasant. The food is very average, with hit or miss dishes. The service could be improved as well, in terms of attention to customers.
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22 iulie 2023 19:11

Has jazz in the name but this does not mean there is frequent jazz music, only at times.
Place looks cozy and relaxed, in between buildings a nice secluded terrace. Quite large, it was not difficult to find a seat. However there was no music the Friday we visited nor the waiter could tell us anything about live music nights.
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25 iunie 2023 15:17

My recent visit to this location left me extremely dissatisfied and questioning its high price tag. From the moment we arrived, it was clear that the service was far from satisfactory. The waiters seemed disinterested and completely oblivious to our attempts to grab their attention. It was frustrating to be ignored repeatedly, especially when we needed to order something.

The quality of the food was equally disappointing. The burger we ordered was poorly assembled, with low-quality ingredients. To make matters worse, the Pasta Aglio e Olio was swimming in an excessive amount of oil. This was due to the unusual choice of penne pasta, which retained more oil than the traditional spaghetti or linguine. It was a culinary letdown, to say the least.

Adding to our unpleasant experience, the waiters showed a complete lack of professionalism when it came to clearing the table. After we finished eating, they made no effort to clean the table for an entire hour. It was an incredible display of negligence and disrespect towards their customers.

Furthermore, the pub's claim of being a pet-friendly location turned out to be more of a nightmare than a perk. The presence of numerous large, agitated dogs disrupted any chance of a relaxing time. The constant noise, jumping on tables, and attempts to snatch food made the overall atmosphere chaotic and far from enjoyable.

Considering the prices charged at this pub, the level of service, food quality, and overall experience were utterly unacceptable. I cannot recommend this establishment to anyone seeking a pleasant dining experience.
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24 iunie 2023 18:10

Cool jazz cafe with a nice courtyard. I was there for jazz unique and was amazing. They offer vegan food (vegan dishes are clearly labeled in the menu). Tasty food, big portions to share.
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