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Strada Glodeni 1-3, Tei, București

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Fratelli este un lounge localizat la adresa Strada Glodeni numărul 1-3. Închis de Luni până Vineri, cu excepția zilei de Sâmbătă când te așteptăm între orele 23:30 - 06:00 și a zilei de Duminică când este închis.

La Fratelli te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific internațional.

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Luni - Vineri
23:30 - 06:00


Păreri despre "Fratelli"

Bogdan Neagoe
2 aprilie 2019 13:19

Pretty decent overall. From time to time they host (or are hosting) interesting events bringing international artists.The club is not big, but it is cozy and the bar is conveniently in the middle. I've ordered some cocktails (cuba libre and orange vodka which were pretty ok) , but they are not listed in the menu, I had to ask the bartender.
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Dario Zamagna
28 ianuarie 2019 16:33

Great location and music but terrible management. Inefficient warderobe staff kept losing and mixing coats making us wait more than 2 hours to get out, plus rude security staff forced me to leave the line
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Мария Смирнова
10 mai 2019 01:02

The smoking area of this club is on the street (terrace) and it's cold outdoors (there are some warming lamps there but 2-3 steps from them it's already cold again). They don't give your jacket if you just go out for smoking, so either don't use the wardrobe at all or keep ALL your stuff from your jackets in your bags/pockets. Extremely inconvenient and unfriendly rules.
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Kevin Jansen
14 aprilie 2019 00:56

Super Bad no room Bad Wodka we ordered over crazy jga Never again in this club
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Francis V.
18 ianuarie 2019 04:48

Best restaurant/bar to hang out with your friends or family any given day!
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