Doncafe Brasserie [închis permanent]

Erou Iancu Nicolae 41, Pipera, București

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Doncafe Brasserie nu acceptă rezervări

Brasserie 41 este un concept nou, care doreste sa isi intampine clientii cu un ambient primitor si un meniu international, pentru toate gusturile.
Este o braserie autentica, calda si primitoare, cu un spatiu confortabil in care oaspetii nostri pot savura preparate delicioase in toate momentele zilei, de la prima cafea esentiala a zilei si micul dejun proaspat, pana la brunch-uri intre prieteni sau cine romantice.
Toate intr-un stil relaxant, in interiorul prietenos sau pe terasa in aer liber.

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08:00 - 23:00
09:00 - 23:00


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Adriana Dumitrof
4 noiembrie 2017 14:29

This place is really nice for breakfast or brunch. It looks very good and has a great staff. They were very careful and responsive and the food is tasty and good looking (instagramable, I could say). The quality/price ratio is correct. The only problem may be the parking place, because there is a commercial center there, and too many cars.
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dominique bonnot
10 martie 2018 13:44

Good atmosphere and food, nice staff
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Raluca Radulescu
23 februarie 2018 21:57

Nice place, friendly with smokers
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Con Man
3 februarie 2018 13:03

I recommend the eggs benedict with salmon.
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Johann Dascal
4 octombrie 2017 00:24

Changed from doncafe to brasserie. The place looks and feels just as nice if not a little better than before but the menu got a lot worse compared to what doncafe used to offer. Kind of ruined the place for me
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