Casual Pub

Bulevardul Dacia 104, Moşilor, București

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Big Boy Burger - Coaste de porc - Aripioare de pui picante - Snitel “ureche de elefant” - Fish & Chips - Salate

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Luni - Joi
11:00 - 23:00
Vineri - Sâmbătă
11:00 - 01:00


Păreri despre "Casual Pub"

Gigi Ics
1 martie 2019 22:33

Used to be 5*, now not so much.
They used to have over 6 types of burgers and the ribs were to die for....
Now only 3 options for burgers and the ribs are not as tasty as before.
Also regarding beer, what happened with it? Where are unfiltred ones?
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Andrei Black
29 octombrie 2018 20:48

Not sure what happend to this place.
They didnt have the big selection is bad...because they dont have evwrything on the menu
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5 februarie 2019 13:03

Good food
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Ilie Chilau
26 octombrie 2018 11:43

Moderate looks on the environment with great food
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Cucolea Dan
5 ianuarie 2018 23:00

The burgers were a bit dull, they could've been juicier. I was there for lunch but nobody else was in the restaurant. Maybe at dinner they have better food. 2 stars for the service and food, it could've been worse i guess.
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