Casa Zarazei

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Strada Iuliu Barasch 15, Centrul vechi, București

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Reînviem atmosfera vechiului București. oferindu-vă gastronomie internațională, licori prețioase și muzică de suflet, într-un loc de confluență a vibrațiilor multiculturale.

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Miha L-A
13 noiembrie 2018 23:12

The food was delicious and personnel was very helpful and kind. I will not give 5 stars because we sat on terrace during Nov, and even if it was warmed we felt a lot of cold during our dinner.
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Angel De Paz
21 septembrie 2018 21:12

Delicious grilled chicken with stew vegetables and listening Chan Chan from buena vista social club. What else may I ask... Yes more people in this place. So far I found it cheap and good.
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Teodora Matache
27 martie 2019 16:13

😍❤ love this place!
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Lukas Ionescu
16 ianuarie 2019 13:51

The reason why I gaved only 1 star...
As you can see, there’s a coin in the bread which was placed by one of the employees.
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Rocars M
10 februarie 2018 12:43

Great place, great atmosphere, too bad not many people know about this place.
The food is very good and the music calming.
I'd reccomned this place to anyone seeking a time-out from the crowded streets of Bucharest, to enjoy a cup of coffee or a good meal.
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