Avrig 63, Pantelimon, București

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Acest local nu acceptă rezervări

Calif nu acceptă rezervări

Calif este un fast food localizat la adresa Avrig numărul 63. Deschis de Luni până Joi între orele 10:30 - 03:00, cu excepția zilelor de Vineri și Sâmbătă când te așteptăm între orele 10:30 - 04:30 și a zilei de Duminică când te așteptăm între orele 10:30 - 03:00.

La Calif te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific american sau arabesc.

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Luni - Joi
10:30 - 03:00
Vineri - Sâmbătă
10:30 - 04:30
10:30 - 03:00


Păreri despre "Calif"

Valentin Ursu
6 ianuarie 2018 20:32

Bad service. They take your order and your money fast but they move incredibly slow. If the line is to the register, expect 20 minutes wait.
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Alin Prelipceanu
2 ianuarie 2018 13:54

Good restaurant with very good Turkish food. Usually it is crowed but the guys there are very fast in serving you the food.
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Sorin Co
15 octombrie 2017 15:35

Good variety of food and good prices. Best kebab house in town! The woman manager is grumpy all the time and kinda ruins my appetite
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Radu Apostol
29 decembrie 2017 15:18

I love Califatul Iancului. They offer quite a diverse range of food, from juicy pieces of chicken and beef, to the amazing falafel. The thing that sets apart Calif from the other turkish restaurants are the sauces that you can choose from (protip: the mutard-yogurt sauce goes well with the beef shawarma). Overall, this is the best place to eat authentic shawarma in Bucharest
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Haules Baules
5 decembrie 2017 01:22

After "rebranding" the quality is lower, the portions are smaller but the prices are higher.
Now is a "regular" fast food. Is not anymore a special place with good food at great prices.
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