Berãria Germanã București Bragadiru

3,3 / 8 voturi
Calea Rahovei 157, Palatul Parlamentului, București

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Onorãm și continuãm tradiția berãriei Bragadiru.
700 de locuri la mese, în restaurant și afarã.

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V Victor
30 septembrie 2017 22:22 Rezervat în data de 30 septembrie 2017 prin

A fost o nunta deosebita pacat ca nu am fost anutat de acest lucru.

A Adrian
7 iulie 2017 07:17 Rezervat în data de 6 iulie 2017 prin

Locație buna, atmosfera relaxanta, servire ok și preparate foarte bune

C Cristian
16 octombrie 2016 12:00 Rezervat în data de 14 octombrie 2016 prin

Atmosfera nu mai e cum a fost altadata....putina lume, servirea lasa de dorit, ospatarii nu cunosc meniul, nu fac recomandari....lipsa de profesionalism, interes fata de client.

B Bogdan
2 octombrie 2016 21:18 Rezervat în data de 1 octombrie 2016 prin

A fost extrem de galagios, muzica live extrem de tare, nu ne puteam auzi stand fata in fata la aceeasi masa.
Astfel dupa 10-15 min am achitat si am plecat, cautand un local decent cu muzica la un nivel la care puteam socializa...
Experienta de a face rezervare prin a fost de 10, felicitari!

Mihai Oleinic
5 august 2018 21:10

Always good place to drink beer. Good food. Nice staff.
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Maria-Magdalena Ionescu
1 octombrie 2018 22:32

Very nice location, good music, traditional food, lot of beer😉
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Geo T
21 ianuarie 2018 21:12

We went to this place with an open heart thinking that we will have a great lunch. All went well the place looks nice more historical and gives you the feeling of a German brewery. That was all nice till we got our waiter that wasn't very interested in serving us and after I order a Caesar salad with chicken and was anything else but not Caesar salad. In the end he forgot to bring us a side dish .. All was so bad that we didn't even bother to tell him but when the bill came the side dish was there. So we told him and he didn't even bother to change the bill he said to pay without the amount of that dish. DISAPPOINTED we will never come back
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Mugurel Ciuperca
25 august 2018 21:35

Nice place but high prices.
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Jaime Rodriguez
7 august 2017 08:52

Came with a group of friends and had plenty of seating. It's in a nice little area that has a strip of restaurants. After looking at all the different restaurants we decided to eat here. The service was nice and friendly and spoke great English. I ordered a lemonade with pork chops and potatoes. I will say the prices a pretty overly priced. I can't find the same type of food for much cheaper in town. But with that being said the food was still good and I enjoyed it. Just don't know if it was worth the high prices.
The service was quick and friendly. Enjoyed it but don't know if I would go back again.
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