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Strada Ionescu Crum 1, Brașov
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Restaurantul Prato catering functioneaza in incinta Business Park Brasov, una din cele mai moderne cladiri de birouri, in cadrul careia isi desfasoara activitatea numeroase companii internationale.
Restaurantul dispune de o bucatarie amenajata conform standardelor europene, doua linii moderne de autoservire, sala de mese cu o capacitate de 180 de locuri unde se pot organiza evenimente.
Ne straduim sa venim in intampinarea dorintelor si gusturilor culinare atat ale clientilor nostri din cadrul Business Park cat si ai celor din exterior. Va asteptam cu drag!

Cafeneaua Prato, cu o capacitate de 50 de locuri, va ofera o gama variata de produse intr-un ambient placut potrivit atat pentru intalniri de afaceri cat si pentru o binemeritata pauza de cafea.
Va invitam sa savurati o preparatele noastre din cafea incepand de la clasicul expresso pana la latte macchiato, freshuri, bauturi racoritoare, bauturi alcoolice, prajituri si produse de patiserie. Daca sunteti un iubitor de pizza ati nimerit in locul potrivit.
Venim in intampinarea dvs. cu un meniu diversificat de pizza facuta in casa din faina de grau dur precum si mai multe sortimente de sandwichuri proaspat facute din ingrediente alese cu grija pentru dvs.

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Luni - Vineri
08:00 - 16:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică


Păreri despre "Prato Catering"

Robert D.
21 martie 2017 14:16

Food quality is good. Food taste is not the best though. But the pricing is way too high for daily lunches. It has restaurant prices, but the taste and quantity is far less than what you are paying for. Usually meat is expensive. Fish is the most expensive. But I guess while they have monopoly they'll keep prices high. I am forced sometimes to eat here due to lack of time, but I'd normally avoid it.
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Fane GSM
30 aprilie 2018 07:57

Nice place, good food
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Andrei Dumbravă
22 martie 2017 16:26

Why 3 stars and not 5?!?
1. It's a CANTEEN, not a Restaurant (Prato also have restaurants in the city)
2. Even if it is a CANTEEN they have prices above top restaurants in the city
3. In order to combine meals to make a decent dish you will need to pay some money (~30-40 RON -> 8-10 EUR)
4. Even if the food is SOMEHOW decent, not always the meat is properly cooked/boiled/baked. Usually is under cooked or overcooked
5. Food quality over last 18 months is constantly dropping.
6. For "side" dishes (salads / cookies / chilli for soups etc) they have really high prices (which was the place where you paid 1 EUR for a 50-60 grams simple cabbage salad that contains only the cabbage not even the salt. Not even Hilton charges like that)
7. If you are not working in the business park mind the parking cost and difficult access due to traffic jam around the building...
8. Don't trust in a dish name... I think they are using name generators has nothing in common with the food to which it is associated.
9. From 12:30 until 13:30 usually it is crowded as hell. Try to eat after 13:30, everything will just be fine
10. Did I said that everything is just expensive?
11. They have daily menus for about 17.5 RON but usually the dish association is not the most fortunate
12. Did I said that everything is just expensive?

Why 3 stars and not 1?
1. It is inside a business park. So I still use it pretty often when my lunch break is very short (no more than 30 mins). But simply because I am just forced by circumstances, it is not a "defenetely way to go"
2. Decent location with AC, does not smell of food
3. They have a decent number of dishes to choose from. Even if you go like this you will need to pay considerably.

So, as long as you are ok with the idea to pay more than in a restaurant into a canteen, it may be an option for your daily meal. Otherwise just consider it a trap for employees of the business park and for others just a schiki-miki/pitzi/fancy place to eat.
I use it because of lack of options and they charge so high just because they can...

Would I recommend it for others? HELL NO!!!!
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Adrian Petrisor
21 martie 2017 12:53

The worst 'cantina' type to eat in Brasov. Very expensive (restaurant level prices) while every day many dishes are rice based.
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Liviu Sabau
18 iulie 2017 13:19

Not the best in town , but prices and food is ok.
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