La Bucătarul Vesel

Strada Michael Weiss 33, Brașov
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Restaurant bistro cu specific international

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v adrian
30 noiembrie 2018 20:10

Perfect just perfect. Cheap and good. When they say chips they mean chips. They are heavenly. Big portions.

And they really clean after you. I mean the tables are spotless. And i mean spotless.

I am so impressed because i really feel like a very good deal.
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K. M. Ellis
12 august 2018 18:18

Oh my goodness. This place has THE most amazing chocolate orange cake that is the perfect combination of sweet and bitter. And their house red wine that comes in the car.... WOW!!!! Just WOW. I would DEFINITELY go back again and I would highly recommend others do too!
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Constantin Tatucu
25 august 2018 15:06

I liked the old times when you could eat cheap and good at the happy cook, but now times have changed.
Today I went with my wife to eat something and I choose these restaurant for the old times sake. In the menu high prices but I did not mind since it is in the centre but afterwards I waited for 15 minutes and the waiter did not bring the menu and nothing, like we’re not there.
Went to another place and we were served right away. I did not see happy people at the Happy cook like the old time and I surely will not recommend it in the future.
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Stefan Ciubotaru
8 decembrie 2018 17:46

Good food, cozy and warm atmosphere. Recommended!
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Ovidiu Roșoiu
1 noiembrie 2018 17:07

Good food, although some of their staff could use some training. Seems popular with families having small children, so it can get noisy at times. Lasagna is all right.
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