La Bucătarul Vesel

Strada Michael Weiss 33, Brașov
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Victor Mihailescu
24 septembrie 2017 21:20

Nothing worthy,considering the varieties and quality of restaurants nearby. Mediocre food, not quite cheap, staff wasn't in quite a happy mood but maybe it was just their day. Restaurant looks worn out and commercial music in the background doesn't help the atmosphere.
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Alex Dima
27 mai 2017 22:29

Amateuristic restaurant:
- we were greeted with the statement that we can sit at any table, only just after we have chosen a table, we were asked to choose a different one.
- one guest received a different dish than the one she ordered. Nevertheless, after waiting some more minutes, the ordered one was brought to the table.
- food quality is average at best.
Plus side:
- service is quite quick.
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Mihai-Williams Rosian
21 iulie 2017 22:35

The food was nothing secial, however it was pricey. The chicken grill on the salat do not looked very fresh. Service was fast and friendly.
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Nicholas García
12 august 2017 19:44

Great Romanian food and service!
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Ionut Ciocan
18 august 2017 09:02

Very good food.good service
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