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La Bucătarul Vesel

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Strada Michael Weiss 33, Brașov
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Restaurant bistro cu specific international

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4,3 / 1 vot
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G Georgiana
20 noiembrie 2019 19:50 Rezervat în data de 20 noiembrie 2019

14 februarie 2020 22:47

Cozy, relaxing music, city center restaurant. Food was good. Lemonade with ginger was unbelievable good! Soup was in the menu but they did not have any when we visited.No toilet paper in the bathroom...
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14 februarie 2020 20:04

Cousy place with very good food. I recommend the baked pork with thyme, mashed potatoes, mushrooms in a pan and cherry sauce. Better book the table in advance as usually is full in the evening.
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2 ianuarie 2020 20:11

Very good food and a cozy restaurant, with relaxing music.

Unfortunately, we went in first of January and there was only two waiters. So, we had A very big delay at bringing our food.
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28 noiembrie 2019 08:11

Very cozy restaurant, we had a nice experience. Dishes are good, music nice and the service was excellent. I recommend it!
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9 februarie 2020 06:51

I waited for 10 minutes for someone to take the order and the waiters served others while we waited... They passed near us multiple times and didn't even say anything... When i headed to the exit they didn't say anything again, like they were happy we're leaving
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