Come Back

Piața Sfatului 7, Brașov
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Bistro Cafe Come Back este un loc linistit si intim, prefect pentru a lua masa sau a savura o cafea cu prietenii!

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Luni - Joi
07:30 - 21:00
Vineri - Duminică
07:30 - 22:00


Păreri despre "Come Back"

Anya Corazon
31 decembrie 2017 18:56

They took my order right away. Friendly and attentive staff. Unfortunately for me, the menu was not in English. But, they helped me with the translation. Since people could enter just to buy pastries and others, and leave, the place got kinda chaotic.
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Sorin Opruta
13 februarie 2018 14:31

Not coming back

I came for breakfast with my gf And picked the bonjour plus breakfast which included coffee and my gf ordered just a coffee. 10 minutes later my friends coffee arrived, mine didn’t. 20 minutes the breakfast came a couple of slices of ham, sausage, 2 fried eggs, only 1 slice of cheese and 4 slices of tomato (didn’t feel the value for my money, should’ve picked up some pastry for a quarter of the price I paid here) still no coffee in sight. After I finished eating I went to the waiter and asked if he could put my coffee to go because I couldn’t stand a second more in that place.
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21 octombrie 2017 17:02

Experience in Come Back: I had a Iced Leonardo White. First they brought a big one, instead a small, without checking with me. The quality also was quite poor. It tasted like just a powder in a cold milk. 16 Lei for that is toooo much. So my resumee: I won't come back.
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Emma Mitchell
24 iulie 2017 10:33

Our last morning in Brasov, we wanted to get breakfast before leaving town. Grabbing a pastry from a street truck would have been better than this cafe. 30 minutes after ordering from a server, a second server approached and said our order had been lost. Probably should have been our cue to leave, but instead we ordered again. 15 minutes later, we were delivered our coffees and one plate of meats and cheeses, but not the sandwich. 10 minutes later, a server told us they were out of the sandwich we ordered, so we asked to be brought any sandwich they had. Then another server tried to bring us another plate of meats and cheeses, but we said we were waiting for a sandwich. She said they were out of sandwiches, so we asked if we could just pay our bill. During this time, I have finished my meal while my partner still hasn't gotten any food he ordered in the last hour. Shortly after the one server said they didn't have any sandwiches, another server brought out a sandwich, an hour and 15 minutes since we first ordered. We also asked for our check about 5 times: once the first time we ordered, once the second time we ordered, once when the wrong food was delivered to us, once when the sandwich was delivered, and again when they picked up the dishes from our table. Finally, I went inside to pay and was yelled at twice, the first time because they thought I was trying to sit at a table and the second when the cashier saw I had euros in my hand as I searched for lei in my wallet. Horrible and rude employees, not to mention the food is not good. Don't waste your time or money here.
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Cathy Schlegel
9 octombrie 2017 19:56

I only had a chocolate croissant to go, but it truly was the best I've ever had. I came back for more and Catalin was very nice to us!
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