Cafeteca Hirscher

Strada Grigoraș Dinicu 1, Brașov
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Cafeteca Hirscher nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Cafeteca se defineşte ca un concept ce pune împreună placerea dată de toate detaliile perceptibile sau nu ale unei cafenele: o cafea bună, proaspăt prăjită în cafenea, barista bine pregatit, aparatură, muzică, atmosferă, design, evenimente...

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Luni - Duminică
07:30 - 22:00


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Buza Jonny
11 ianuarie 2019 18:31

It's a great place to have a coffee. It's cozy and warm inside. There isn't too much noise and it isn't too expensive. The only bad thing is that there isn't too much space! I have tried to work with 2 fellow students by using only 1 laptop and it was a complete nightmare due to the lack of space. Other than that I just love it.
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Sorin Grigoreanu
9 ianuarie 2019 13:53

Great experience to enjoy a hotdrink. Specialty coffee and they can brew v60, aero. Great staff. A must visit place for a good coffee or relaxing night. The vibe was really great. Cozy place, the windows gets steamed by hot air inside.
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Alex Iosif
1 decembrie 2018 15:32

We’ve been to this place with friends and family and without knowing we’ve pulled the menu out of the cylinder (which is the logical thing to do if you don’t know the place) and the staff was pretty rude and point out, very aggressively on a rude tone that we shouldn’t have done that and that the menu is made that way so we can read it through the cylinder. If you don’t want people to pull the menu out, you should put a lid to it and write somewhere you shouldn’t pull that.
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13 decembrie 2018 11:16

Its a good place to start or end your day! Good coffee, tea and service.
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Luiza Nicolescu
12 noiembrie 2018 13:15

By far, my favourite coffee spot in Brasov. Just a stroll away from the main square, looking out to Tampa, it's got great coffee, friendly staff and always good music.
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