Bistro Ma Cocotte - închis temporar

4,2 / 16 voturi
Str. Nicopole 34A, Brașov

Bistro Ma Cocotte - închis temporar

4,2 / 16 voturi
Str. Nicopole 34A, Brașov
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Nimeni nu este obligat sa fie geniu, dar tuturor ne place sa participam… La ce? Sau cum? Sau cand? Sau cu cine? Va las pe voi sa completati! Dati frau liber imaginatiei! Va spun doar atat… Veniti sa savurati cate putin din ce avem de oferit. Am folosit ingrediente picante, dar dulci… in acelasi timp. Am pus cateva picaturi de inedit, o lingura de ingeniozitate amestecata cu talent, un polonic de personalitate, am imbinat utilul cu placutul si am plamadit o mandrete de bistro, cu bunataturi de pus in farfurie sau de luat la pachet, gustoase pana la extaz, daca e sa vorbim in termini culinari sau aratoase si dichisite pana la cele mai mici detalii, daca vorbim din punctul de vedere al designerului. Nu ne laudam, dar la noi, chiar totul e realizat hand made, fara coloranti si ingrediente nesanatoase. Toate de mai sus s-au legat si a rezultat Ma Cocotte! Ne gasesti in Brasov, pe strada Nicopole 34 A, langa terenurile de tenis de la Dinamo. Pofta de viata sa aveti, de restul ne ocupam noi!

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12:00 - 22:00
Marți - Duminică
09:00 - 22:00


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4,2 / 16 voturi
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G Gabriela
23 septembrie 2020 08:43 Rezervat în data de 22 septembrie 2020

C Calin
23 iulie 2020 18:05 Rezervat în data de 23 iulie 2020

T Teodora
28 septembrie 2019 21:02 Rezervat în data de 28 septembrie 2019

M Maria
31 august 2019 02:22 Rezervat în data de 30 august 2019

B Bogdan
29 iulie 2019 10:20 Rezervat în data de 28 iulie 2019

R Radu
5 iulie 2019 07:10 Rezervat în data de 4 iulie 2019

I Ianina
17 iunie 2019 19:13 Rezervat în data de 17 iunie 2019

Locație plăcută.Terasa generoasa,serviciu atent.Se poate,mai mult mai bine , mai gustos și mai ieftin.

B Bogdan
21 ianuarie 2019 15:03 Rezervat în data de 20 ianuarie 2019

M Mihaela
5 noiembrie 2018 09:38 Rezervat în data de 3 noiembrie 2018

B Blanka
23 august 2018 19:38 Rezervat în data de 22 august 2018

M Mihai
1 august 2018 08:14 Rezervat în data de 31 iulie 2018

Timpul de servire mai mare decat normalul . In rest mancarea buna

A Alexandra
17 iulie 2018 00:30 Rezervat în data de 14 iulie 2018

D Diana
31 martie 2018 20:35 Rezervat în data de 31 martie 2018

I Irina
20 decembrie 2017 22:02 Rezervat în data de 20 decembrie 2017

A Andreea
7 august 2017 17:43 Rezervat în data de 6 august 2017

29 aprilie 2021 13:24

You will find here a beautiful restaurant, with lots of outdoor space where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. They have a great selection of wines and the staff is looking forward to help you make the perfect choice. You can also enjoy the delicious food, starting with a breakfast based in avocado, meant to give you a boost of energy and ending with a desert, to sweeten your day. The main course is also very tasty. If you have children, they have a playground where they can spend their time, while you can relax drinking something. In short, is the perfect place to come if you have a business meeting, if you want to spend some quality time with friends or just to relax!
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18 mai 2021 21:05

Ma Cocotte - Comfy and Coquette

In this discreet location you will encounter a noteworthy wine collection, affordable yet delectable food, and the perfect atmosphere. Other features of this child and smoker friendly wine bar include extremely welcoming staff, private parking, and well-kept bathrooms. I would definitely recommend this place.

According to Ma Cocotte Gastro & Wine Bar there are two types of people; those who eat out of hunger and those who eat to drink wine. Which one are you?
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10 iunie 2021 09:03

We order a whole Roasted Chicken.
We expected a proper Roast....
Proper = Crispy skin and Juicy Meat.

What we got was Dry meat, with Mushy skin.
It was edible...
But I do way better at home.... not being a Pro.
And considering they are supposed to be professionals
With all things being relative... it was Absolute Trash.
Maybe we got served something that was cooked too many hours before.

Owners... It's not rocket science..
It's Chicken !
I'm sure you can make it right..
Even some very simple local Warung makes better chicken !

I initially gave 1 star.
But my friend said... they were nice.
It's true, the Staff is very polite and nice.
But it's a restaurant.
So first and foremost the food must of be impeccable quality.
Staff niceness can't make up for that.
So upgraded from 1 to 2 stars, for Nice Staff
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27 august 2020 19:56

Good food, good service!
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1 mai 2021 11:01

A great spot to try a variety of wines being guided by a well trained staff. Also the atmosphere and the culinary experience was outstanding. The dishes are presented in a stilish and elegant way and are all delicious.
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